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What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is one of the most innovative dermal fillers on the market. While most fillers add hyaluronic acid to fill your fine lines and wrinkles, Sculptra encourages natural skin and collagen regeneration. When injected into targeted areas of your face, it encourages collagen production to make your skin look fuller, more voluminous, and more youthful. The results are completely natural because they rely on your body’s natural collagen production capabilities.

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What problems does Sculptra treat?

  • Fine lines
  • Facial wrinkles
  • Wrinkles on the chin
  • Nasolabial folds around the nose
  • Marionette lines around the mouth
  • Lipstick lines around the lips
  • Age-related loss of facial volume

How does Sculptra work?

Sculptra contains the ingredient poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), which is classified as a collagen stimulator. When injected into targeted areas of the face, it encourages your body to produce collagen fibers that reverse the signs of aging, restore facial fullness, and soften facial wrinkles. The results appear gradually over several weeks as your body produces new collagen fibers. Eventually, the PLLA components are absorbed by the body, but the results persist.

What makes Sculptra unique?

Most dermal fillers add hyaluronic acid components underneath the facial tissues to fill out the fine lines and wrinkles. The cosmetic provider must inject the appropriate levels of fillers in the correct areas to ensure optimal cosmetic results. The results fade in 6 to 12 months because your body absorbs the HA molecules. However, Sculptra encourages collagen production, thereby encouraging your body to reverse the signs of aging, which ensures more consistent and long-lasting results.

What are the advantages of Sculptra?

  • Non-surgical treatment without incisions or scars
  • No pain or discomfort, especially since we use topical anesthesia
  • Minimal side effects, such as redness, bruising, and irritation
  • Encourage natural collagen production
  • Concludes within 15 minutes
  • Full results appear gradually over several months
  • Final results last for up to 2 years
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What happens during your Sculptra session?

Your Sculptra treatment starts with an initial consultation with our cosmetic providers. We examine your facial skin, discuss your goals, and curate the ideal treatment strategy for you. The cosmetic provider will map the treatment areas on your face, clean your facial skin, and apply a numbing gel. Finally, the appropriate Sculptra dose is injected into the targeted areas using ultrafine needles — the number of injections depends on your goals.

What are the side effects of Sculptra?

Sculptra produces minimal side effects, such as redness, swelling, discomfort, lumping, and bruising around the treatment sites. The side effects dissipate in a few days. You can resume your daily activities and work immediately after the treatment.

What are the Sculptra results like?

Sculptra may produce some instantaneous results, but the actual results appear gradually over several weeks and months as your body produces new collagen fibers. You may need 3 injections spaced a month apart each to ensure optimal results. The final results may last for up to 24 months, following which you’ll need maintenance treatments.

Why choose Bio Spa 360?

Bio Spa 360 is a luxurious medical spa and wellness center specializing in cutting-edge cosmetic injectables, including Botox, Dysport, Juvéderm, Restylane, Sculptra, and more. Our cosmetic providers select the ideal filler based on your unique goals, ensuring optimal and natural-looking results. Please schedule a consultation to explore your treatment options.

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