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What is acne treatment?

Acne treatment refers to a wide range of possible cosmetic solutions designed to address your acne problems. People experience acne breakouts for different reasons, such as excess sebum production, clogged pores, p.acnes bacteria, and more. Furthermore, acne affects people in different ways, leaving different types of scars on the skin. That’s why all acne treatments must be personalized according to your unique goals and requirements.

At Bio Spa 360, we analyze the quality of your skin and determine the root cause of your acne breakouts. We also assess how acne breakouts affect your skin quality and whether they leave permanent scars. After a thorough assessment, we educate you on your conditions, explain how to prevent acne breakouts at home, and curate a personalized treatment plan. Our acne treatment plan may include chemical peels, laser treatments, facials, and medical-grade skincare.

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The importance of medical-grade skin care treatments

Acne breakouts, cysts, and blemishes affect people of all ages and genders. As mentioned previously, they may occur due to a combination of numerous factors, and it’s important to address the root cause of your acne breakouts. Most topical creams, ointments, and acne kits on the market fail because they don’t address the root cause of acne breakouts. At most, they might address the superficial symptoms, giving the illusion of temporary improvement.

If you suffer from persistent acne breakouts, and if you’re tired of trying different remedies to no avail, you need medical-grade skincare treatments. Our skincare providers always examine your skin quality, assess the quality and nature of your acne breakouts, and design treatment plans that fit your individual goals and lifestyle. Instead of simply addressing the superficial symptoms, we treat the root cause of acne breakouts, liberating you from a never-ending cycle of skin problems.

What happens during the acne consultation?

Your acne treatment always starts with a comprehensive consultation with Gigi Fertil, the founder of Bio Spa 360 medical spa and wellness center. Gigi is a board-certified nurse practitioner with several years of experience in medical aesthetics, anti-aging, and cosmetic treatments. She always runs thorough diagnostic tests to identify the root cause of your concerns, discuss your goals and expectations, and curate personalized solutions just for you.

During your acne consultation, Gigi will carefully review your skin quality and discuss your goals. You might be asked to bring all your current skin products and inform us about all ongoing medications. This will help us better understand the source of your acne breakouts. We will also perform some diagnostic tests to visualize the different layers of your skin and trace the true root cause of your persistent acne breakouts.

Based on the assessment, Gigi will curate a personalized treatment plan, which may include in-office treatments and at-home medical-grade skincare products. Gigi will accompany you through every step of the acne treatment process, guiding you towards a lifetime of healthy and acne-free skin.

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Why choose Bio Spa 360?

Bio Spa 360 is a state-of-the-art and luxurious medical spa and wellness center led by Gigi Fertil, a board-certified nurse practitioner with 5+ years of experience in wellness and medical aesthetics. We’re a one-stop destination for all of your skincare goals, and we believe in curating a long-term journey towards flawless skin. Instead of following a cookie-cutter treatment plan, we always identify and address the root cause of your cosmetic concerns, ensuring long-lasting, safe, and consistent results. Please schedule an appointment to explore your acne treatment options in Cape Coral, FL.

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